Havant got a chance? Think again.

What superlatives can I lavish on Havant & Waterlooville that haven’t already been written. Probably none.

Instead I will offer them my hearty congratulations for their incredible triumph in winning through to a Fourth Round English FA Cup tie with Liverpool.

I have to admit I didn’t give them a hope of beating Swansea, who are flying high at the top of League One under the stewardship of Roberto Martinez and by all accounts gave the non-league side a hammering at the Liberty Stadium in the first game.

I have always believed that if a lower league side fails to take the first opportunity of beating a bigger team then their chance has gone. The reserves they have to draw on to compete against better players are phenomenal and the chances of doing it twice in quick succession are remote…….or so I thought.

The players at H&W fully deserve their crack at Liverpool in what will undoubtedly be the highlight of their careers. I am struggling to contain my envy.

I am also gutted because this week I am working in Hampshire, just a 20 minute drive from H&W’s home ground. Despite my best efforts to secure a coveted press pass I was unable to get a commission from one of the national papers who, understandably, had all sent their staffers.

So, instead of soaking up the incredible atmosphere and witnessing a great cup upset, I was forced to stay in and watch Manchester City and West Ham, two Premiership teams with delusions of greatness, serve up 90 minutes of drivel.

The romance of the cup, it certainly wasn’t.


One Response

  1. Dave – Can’t agree enought about how woeful the West Ham – Man City game was. I almost fell asleep.
    Can’t believe you got to within 20 minutes of the H&W ground, then couldn’t secure a ticket. I feel for you.

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