Gerrard’s smokescreen an excuse for underperformance

As much as I respect Steven Gerrard as a footballer, I have to admit to being shocked at his attempts to divert attention away from his team-mates’ recent dire performances on the football park.

To blame the failure of Liverpool’s multi-million pound squad to be challenging for league honours on board-room uncertainty is a smokescreen of the highest order.

There can be no doubt the management and ownership of Liverpool FC will be a subject of much debate in the dressing room, as it is in pubs, homes and workplaces all across the city. But to say that it is the reason behind the team’s poor performances and results is nothing but an insult to the people that pay money every week to go and watch the team.

The Liverpool fans love and feel for the club more than any of the players (Gerrard and Jamie Carragher aside). Can you imagine if, on being hauled in to their own boss’ office to explain a poor month of sales figures, the reason why a particular construction site has fallen behind schedule or why certain papers hadn’t been filed away correctly, they replied that uncertainty in the Liverpool boardroom was causing them to underperform. Would that be accepted? Of course it wouldn’t, which is why Gerrard’s statement is so incredible.

Yes, there does seem to be problems at a board room level.  Yes, there does seem to be an issue over financing both the new stadium and new players. And yes, manager Rafa Benitez is under pressure by not being publicly backed by owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett.

But these things should not affect the performance of 11 highly paid and talented individuals to perform for the 40,000 fans who have paid good money to come along to games they should be winning.

It is perhaps unfair to criticise Gerrard’s performances as there is no-one who tries harder in a Liverpool shirt and there is no doubt that it would be preferable for all involved to have the future of the club decided soon. However, in truth, it is the Liverpool players – along with Benitez, who was backed with considerable funds in the summer – who need to take a long hard look at themselves and ask why they are not mounting a greater challenge.

Football matches are won and lost on the pitch and not in the board room.


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