Seven-up for Leith but match report leaves Connor feeling Tango’d

It was a successful weekend for Leith Athletic after knocking in seven goals and reaching the last 32 of the Scottish Amateur Cup.

It was also a weekend of celebration for yours truly as one of those seven goals was knocked in by my own head – thus breaking 18 months of scoring heartache.

The demolition of fellow Edinburgh-side Balerno was an efficient and professional job from the boys and was capped off, in my mind at least, by my first goal in a Leith jersey (apparently friendlies against the u-19 side don’t count.)

However, my moment of glory has been cruelly snatched away from me thanks to a notebook malfunction from interpid reporter Ian Mackay, who was covering the game as a local derby for the Edinburgh Evening News. It is always great when we see Ian at the side of the pitch (apart from the fact that he has proved a bit of a jinx in previous matches) because it means you can look forward to reading about your efforts in the News on the Tuesday. Who doesn’t like a bit of self-promotion?!

I was therefore overjoyed that the goal which opened my Leith account would be immortalised in print for all-time. But, as you can see from the match report here, any record of my goal – which was the fifth of the game – has been obliterated from memory.

Instead, Stevie Radzynski – who has more than 50 goals to his credit over the past two years – has had an additional fantasy goal added to his tally. That hardly seems fair!

So, for the record, the goalscorers on Saturday were (in order): Chris Beaton, Dale McCall, McCall, Radzynski, DAVID CONNOR, Andrew Penman, Penman.

I have no wish to nitpick where Ian is concerned because he does a tremendous job promoting and reporting on the efforts of our local sports teams (not just football) for the Evening News and on his website too. I too have stood freezing on the side of council parks, with the wind threatening (and succeeding) to blow your notebook out of your frost-bitten fingers and the cold creeping up through the soles of your shoes. I know that it can be difficult to record accurately what has been happening in those conditions – particularly without the benefit of instant replay.

Therefore, I won’t hold it against Ian. I’ll just pray that he is there in another 18 months time to record my second goal for Leith. And Ian, I’ll be double checking the notebook before you leave.

NOTE: anyone who wants to follow the regular fortunes of Scotland’s best amateur side (as I have just crowned us!) should drop in regularly as I will be posting weekly match reports and reporting on our progress in various competitions.


6 Responses

  1. Glad to hear Ian is still manfully out making sure Edinburgh’s enthusiastic amatuer sports people get their moment in the media sun.
    Like you say, getting a mention in the local paper every now and then makes all the hard work and effort seem that bit more worth it.
    He is a tremendous guy who was on the sports desk at the Evening News waaaay back when I started at the paper as a cub reporter.
    And when I set up Deadline Press & Picture agency back in 2000, Ian was in touch in the early days and even put a couple of stories our way to help us get started.
    A true gentlemen.

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  3. Good to see my wee brother keeping up the family tradition and getting his name in print!!! Us Radzynski’s are a talented bunch eh? 🙂 Sorry he grabbed your glory this week David – just give him a sneaky boot in the ankle at your next game but not too sore or you might find his big sis after you. 🙂

  4. Good to hear from you Jane. Unfortunately Young Radzynski wont be playing in the next game as he is suspended. It seems, just like his big sis, he has a bit of a temper in him!
    Hope things are going well at the Sun and keep in touch.

  5. Scott,
    I didn’t know you knew Ian Mackay. I’ll pass on your regards next time he is at a Leith match obliterating my goals from the history books.

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