Hype sees Scots left with egg on their faces

Despite the fact that I am left suffering from Sky Sports withdrawal every Sunday, I was not tempted to tune in to the BBC’s coverage of the Scotland v France rugby international in the Six Nations at the weekend.

I’m not averse to watching a bit of the egg-chasing on TV, especially when Scotland are playing. I usually watch the Six Nations and almost always try and catch most of the Scotland games during the World Cup.

However, on this occasion I was really put off by the pre-match build up and the fact that many seemed to have dismissed France – recent world cup semi-finalists – as also rans because they are in a state of transition.

Surely we have learned by now that whenever we build ourselves up to something we are, more often than not, left with egg on our faces. On this occasion it was an entire omelette as the French outclassed their Scots opposition.

To be fair to the Scottish team, I doubt anyone within the camp was guilty of such overconfidence. Confidence, yes, but they won’t have taken the French lightly.

Instead it was the pundits that I had listened to and read before Sunday who had the game won for the Scots before an oddly shaped ball was kicked. This was the best chance Scotland had in some time of winning the Six Nations according to the experts. One of those experts was even former England star and Question of Sport captain (well, that’s where I knew him from!) Bill Beaumont who had described the Scottish team as dark horses for the tournament.

There’s no question the Scots are in a better position than they have been for a good number of years and we have every right to feel good about the future. But surely we can do so without the hype?


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