Slow play is killing golf – but what’s the rush?

With Tiger Woods and Adam Scott recently adding to the growing voices of discontent about slow play in the professional ranks, it has never been more of an issue in world golf.

Amateur and weekend golfers do not escape the criticism either with slow players taking the blame for the increasing number of golfers giving up the game because “they just don’t have the time.”

Logjammed weekend courses and 5-6 hour rounds are signalling the death knell for the game according to many commentators, agitators and proliferators.

But while I won’t defend the five-hour plus game in either professional or amateur golf, I do find myself wondering when golf changed from being an enjoyable yet competitive form of escapism to a frantic dash round 18 holes which leaves me more flustered than when I stepped onto the tee in the first place.

My article here at argues why golfers should be allowed to play at their own pace (within reason). It’s safe to say judging by the comments, that not everyone agrees.

If any keen golfers haven’t yet checked out then they should do so when they have a chance. Edited by Bob Warters, who formerly edited Today’s Golfer, FORE! and Golf Weekly, it is a great mix of serious reviews, contentious debates and light-hearted meanders down golfing memory lane.

As if that’s not enough, Bob has also agreed – under no duress whatsoever – to let me submit regular feature articles to the site. What more could you ask?


5 Responses

  1. I agree, golfers should be able to play at their own place. After all we’re not all Tiger and if we don’t take our time out there we (1) aren’t going to fully enjoy it and (2) never will get better. Nice blog btw

  2. Good work young Padowan. I taught you well!
    I hope I’m not the uber slow learner you refer to in your article!
    It’s all relative isn’t it. How many times di you, me and Mondo get stuck behind a four ball? Plenty – yet we were hardly quick.
    Still can’t believe these tools who want to go round in 2.5 hours – what’s the point?
    I’d certinaly agree that 3.5-4hours.
    At four hours you’re really only talking an averag of about 13 minutes per hole – pretty good going if there are three or four people playing.
    Hope all is well in Azalea – missing the wee man?

  3. Hey what’s all the beef with slow play? Suggest you try the new Tru-scale Hybrid “Crossover” golf ball. Hi-compression ball plays the same as the standard golf ball, but scaled in distance for compact play. Find a compact golf course (executive/par-3, mid-length, wee) and just enjoy the big-course experience & guaranteed 2-3 hour “regulation” round.
    Eliminates…slow paced golf…abbreviated par… high golf costs…frustrating golf rounds…also the ball floats!
    Com’on over to the quicker modern side of golf and leave that old SPG (slow-paced-golf) alone.

    • Try the new Hybrid game, 2-3 hours Max. for 18 holes!
      It’s for the growing number of practical golfers, looking for a quick, enjoyable and affordable “championship” golf round!

  4. Golf needs to be 4 hours. No more. Either slow players will be charged extra or their carts will lose power after 4 hours. I golf 5 times a week and my desire to get around is secondary when compared to the golf course’s need to accomodate people wearing hats backwards and taking 12 practice swings who play 3 times a year. It’s getting old and I’m thinking of bailing out.

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