Maintaining e-cred is hard work

Jings, crivens and help ma boab! Is that really more than a year since my last blog?

It’s amazing how much time it takes to maintain your e-cred in these new-fangled technological times – and I’ve not even bothered with the Facebook’s, Linkedin’s and Twitter’s of this crazy interactive world yet.

For the past year I’ve been tremendously busy uprooting my family, moving to Portsmouth, working with golf marketing company The Azalea Group and news editing golf magazine Fairway to Green.

It would be mostly true to say that I’ve been too busy to keep this blog up but the whole truth and nothing but the truth would also include the fact that sometimes I forgot and other times I just couldn’t be arsed.

Sadly my time at Azalea and Fairway to Green has come to an end but throughout the past year I have had the privilege to work with and meet some amazing people (and some not so), learn more about the golf industry and generally indulge my passion for the game of golf.

I’ll probably post in more detail at a later date about my experiences at Azalea and Fairway to Green.

However, what all this means – other than the fact that I’m looking for a job (note to all prospective employers and commissioning editors) – is that I can resurrect this blog and hopefully this time keep it going even when I do find a new job.

Here’s to pastures new……..


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