About David Connor

David ConnorI am a sport and media, ahem, “expert” with a wealth of experience in journalism, public relations and a particular interest in football and golf.

A former reporter, news editor and PR man, I now pursue my passion for sports and sport writing through my company Red Top Sports + Media.

Sport is a hugely important issue for millions of people and the passion it invokes among regular fans is incredible. Sadly the blazers, the powerbrokers, the money men and even the participants and players often make decisions that leaves the fans scratching their heads and reaching for the valium.

This blog will be my own small way of venting my spleen on the contentious sporting issues of the day and will hopefully provide at least some entertainment along the way.

It will also be an excuse to report the fortunes of Leith Athletic amateur football club, for whom I play in centre midfield, the attempts to lower my golf handicap and any other musings as we go.

                                     As the saying goes, let’s grip it and rip it………………

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