Red Top Sports + Media


Red Top Sports + Media was borne out of my passion for sports and sports writing and offers editors a quick, accurate and quality service for copy on any sports-related topic.

From national newspapers to regional press and glossy magazines to online sports websites, Red Top is able to provide incisively written and thoroughly researched articles to strict deadlines.

The company is based in Edinburgh, Scotland but time and distance is no barrier and Red Top is able to take on commissions from across the country, the continent and beyond.

Contrary to popular belief, the name Red Top is not an ode to the juicy world of tabloid journalism – although we all love a bit of speculation. Instead, it is inspired by Tiger Woods – a man at the top of his profession, unerringly dedicated, utterly ruthless and totally dominant in his chosen field. Qualities which Red Top shamelessly aspires to.

For those who don’t know, Tiger always wears a red top on the last day of competition and this is, more often than not, when he lifts the trophy.

Red Top will soon have it’s very own website at but in the meantime we will have to make do with this blog, which is hopefully providing some interesting and entertaining views and opinions on topics across the sporting spectrum.

Should anyone want to get in touch with story ideas, commissions, job offers, secrets to the universe or just to share some chat, please feel free to do so on the contact details above.

On that note, the above business card and company logo was designed by my good friend and design-wizard Scott McAuley. I think it looks great – but then I would (comments gratefully received).

Scott is always looking for interesting projects on which to test his talents so if anyone needs anything designed, altered or manipulated (in a graphical sense) then drop me a line and I’ll put you in touch with him.

Yours in sport

David Connor

One Response

  1. Hi David

    Just thought I’d say hello since we have quite a bit in common. Apart from the obvious name similarity, I ran Everton’s Community Programme for a few years, managed an England disability squad for 4 years, a big golf fan (without the time to play) and now have my own company (challenging the business world to grasp environmental and social issues!)

    Good luck with Red Top (never noticed the Tiger / last day thing before – thanks for that.)


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