Monty Don’s his police hat and nightstick

guttenberg.jpg    monty-don.jpg

 A week spent holed up in a Hampshire B&B can be a lonely time but thankfully during my time working with The Azalea Group there was a host of social occassions to enjoy when the working day was finished.

One such occasion was the weekly pub quiz at The White Hart Inn, Petersfield. Dave Bowers, editor of Azalea’s media wing, was kind enough to invite me along to make up the numbers in his team as regular quizzer and fellow Azalea writer Lee Todd was otherwise engaged chasing tail in Bournemouth.

Before the quiz started I was reliably informed that Dave’s specialist round was the picture round – where pictures of famous faces are handed round on sheets of paper and each team fills in their guesses with who the face is. I was therefore surprised at “Bunky’s” insistence that a picture of Police Academy actor Steve Guttenberg was in fact gardening guru Monty Don. There is a slight resemblance but I just can’t see the green-fingered TV presenter starring as trouble-making cop Mahoney alongside Hightower, Tackleberry and Jonesy.

Despite my arguments to the contrary my junior status in the team went against me, as well as the fact I had no idea who Monty Don was, and I deferred to the more seasoned campaigner. Cue much smugness when the answer sheet came back bearing a cross next to the name of Monty Don and the revelation that the picture was in fact that of the curly-haired cop character in the Police Academy series.

I’m sure Dave won’t thank me for pointing out yet another slight factual inaccuracy when he claimed that England legend Bobby Moore had “definitely” died in 1992. Sadly for us, and Bobby, it was the year later.

Thankfully, the blunders didn’t cost us any places in the final ranking positions. We would still have come third…………out of four teams.

Unfortunately, we left ourselves with just too much ground to make up after the first round – current affairs. Which for a team comprising four journalists is a pretty poor return.

Still, it was a good night and Dave’s hospitality was much appreciated. And as Portsmouth fan, he is more than used to failure so I was delighted not to disappoint.