All the world’s a stage – but the SFA have a restricted view

It looks as though the Fat Lady is clearing her throat and readying herself to signal the end of George Burley’s reign at Southampton while the stagehand is preparing to open the curtains on his new lead role as manager of Scotland.

Apologies for the theatrical references but I am merely trying to liven up what has been an extremely dull and uninspiring recruitment process by the SFA.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not despondent by the appointment of Burley and I don’t for one minute believe he will take Scotland backwards in terms of the footballing progress we have made in recent years.

It’s just that, well, everything seems to have been a little flat about the whole thing. Burley will prove to be a safe pair of hands and he will have my full backing but it doesn’t seem as though the SFA have been willing to push the boat out and consider a couple of names that are a bit left of centre.

On the SFA’s shortlist of four candidates to have been interviewed, I believe there was only ever two men who had a realistic chance of being offered the job: Burley and Motherwell manager Mark McGhee. Both were good candidates and there would have been little complaint had McGhee got the nod just as there’s no-one from the Tartan Army readying themselves for a leap off the Forth Road Bridge with Burley’s appointment.

It’s just that, they both seem to be lacking that little something extra that would have provided a spark for the whole process. Tommy Burns and Graeme Souness were never going to get the job (although perhaps Souness was the SFA’s idea of a maverick name on the shortlist) and therefore should not have been interviewed in the first place.

Instead, the names of Burley and McGhee should have been supplemented with someone like Steve Clarke at Chelsea or Alex Miller at Liverpool – both of whom I have touted for the job in a previous post. Then, perhaps a bit of spice should have been added to the mixing pot in the form of a foreign name – no, not Berti but someone with a bit of continental experience and a sound grasp of the english language.

Then, at least we would have seen that the SFA were not operating with blinkers on throughout the process and were open to considering other avenues. At the end of the day, had they still decided that Burley was the right man for the job then so be it – at least they would had performed due diligence in the considering all the options.

All of this sounds like a fanatical anti-Burley tirade, which I can assure you it is not. He is a man of dignity, professionalism and likes his teams to play attacking football. He will be a good appointment, of that I am sure.

I just wish that the SFA hadn’t operated with the blinkers on. Or perhaps, to continue the theatrical theme, they could only afford the cheap seats with the restricted view.